More fun with Omnigraffle - Annotations in PDF’s

Sitting in a meeting last week with a client, reviewing a set of wireframes to be handed off to an external development team. Noticed that the client was annotating the PDF in Acrobat.

So we took the annotated PDF and made tweaks to the Omnigraffle file and….. it dawned on me that the process was:

Omnigraffle to PDF to Annotated PDF to Omnigraffle to PDF.

So I tried to eliminate a step by scripting the annotations into Omnigraffle itself. Guess what? No need. 


All you need to do is select an object, go to the properties tool, click the note icon and enter the note.

When you export to PDF, make sure to select the “include notes” checkbox. Then open your newly-created PDF in Acrobat reader and your notes will show up as native annotations. 

The only downside of this approach is that i have not figured out how to display notes when exporting to HTML.

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