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Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Apercu Consulting specializes in exoteric marketing and technical strategy. We simplify complex products or systems into something easily understood, communicated and implemented. Agencies, we encourage you to contact us to learn about our agency partnership program.

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Product Management & User Experience Design

We deliver improvements to products that enable higher degrees of success in the market - web apps, mobile apps, configurators, complex search.

Business Process Improvement

With over 20 years of experience, we take a holistic approach to understanding where efficiencies can be gained in your business.

Platform Evaluation

We perform assessments, needs analysis and business process evaluations to assist in finding the best solution for your needs. Typical projects include CRM, Ecommerce, Content and Asset Management, Enterprise Search, Identity Management.


We provide customer insights with practical expertise in operations, marketing and implementation to help our clients succeed at all levels of the enterprise.

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Featured Client: Iridium

Apercu Consulting staff have been working with Iridium Communications since 2009 on a variety of digital initiatives, including Iridium.com, the Partner Portal and a Service Advisory dashboard.


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